MAG500A IPTV Set-Top Box

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Flagship Android TV™ device

MAG500A is a high-performance Android TV set-top box for modern IPTV/OTT operators. It supports 4K playback at 60 fps, HDR, HEVC, and eight-channel Dolby Digital Plus™ audio.

The device features Integrated Widevine L1 and Microsoft PlayReady SL2000 DRM systems, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity for internet access, and 16 GB of internal storage for additional apps.

With MAG500A, even local providers can offer top of the line user experience complete with a catalog of over 7,000 apps and games, advanced voice control, and personalized recommendations.

Connection to any network

With an Ethernet port and an 802.11b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi module, MAG500A can use any available internet connection. The wireless transfer speed can reach 540 Mbps.4 No need to disconnect the cable to switch between Ethernet and Wi-Fi: just use the Wi-Fi/Ethernet control in the device's Settings menu.

Package contents

MAG500A set-top box

Omni Opal Bluetooth remote

Power adapter

HDMI cable

2 AAA batteries

The power adapter is equipped with a plug that complies with your country's standards.



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